Jeep Tours in bali

Jeep Tour in Bali to see rice fields in Bali and a local family house in Bali

US$ 115,00 / Children (4-11): USD$ 75,00

Drive to the real Heart of Bali, out of tourists crowds!

You will pass through little villages where children will say "Hallo!" to you, crossing mountains full of terrace rice fields and standing up inside the car as we will open for you the upper window, letting you take amazing photos from that higher point of view!

You will discover the amazing fabrication of Balinese Ceramics, not entering into the shop to avoid hidden commissions (unless you want to visit it!).

A Balinese family will invite you to enter to their traditional house for a Balinese Coffee or Tea and typical sweets from Bali. After that, we will visit an authentic and ancient Temple in Bali and, driving through little village streets you will arrive to your point for lunch. Finally transfer back to your hotel passing through astonishing green terrace rice fields!

Includes: Coffee break & lunch

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Jeep tour to Batur volcano, Abang volcano and Agung volcano of Bali, also to an authentic temple in Bali

US$ 115,00 / Children (4-11): USD$ 75,00

Prepare yourself for the Adventure!

On this jeep tour day you will be entered into a huge Bamboo Forest, full of mystic and magic of Bali. You will also enjoy the panoramic views to the 3x active volcanoes of Bali: Batur, Agung & Abang, while you are driven on a offroad with panoramic views on both sides. You will have much better views to Batur volcano & lake than from the traditional "Kintamani tours". A local man will go up to the top of a coconut tree to serve you the "Tuwak" or coconut wine that he grows up there, maintaining still the tradition from his ancestors. Then sit and relax for a yummy lunch at a local restaurant. Transfer to your hotel.

Included: "Tuwak" & lunch

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